Better Living Components has built a solid reputation for superior engineered roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels for residential and commercial construction projects. Each component is crafted using computer-controlled saws to create the most accurate fit and easy installation.

Roof Trusses

Our roof trusses are made from quality Southern Yellow Pine and produced under factory roof. Upon careful inspection of the completed order, Better Living Components will deliver the trusses to your job site according to your construction schedule. Before delivery, each truss is numbered so that they can be easily erected by anyone, regardless of their construction experience. An average single family home can be under roof in less than a day so weather delays are minimized.

When you use trusses there are no material shortages and no problems with ceiling and roof lines. So you save both time and money.

How Do Trusses Compare to Conventional Framing?

Trusses are able to withstand twice the load of conventional framing. Each truss is spaced 24 inches on center in comparison to rafter framing which is spaced 16 inches on center. Unless specified by code or specific job conditions, trusses do not require interior walls or double floor joists.

If you decide, trusses are the right choice for your next project, give us a call. At Better Living Components, we offer excellent customer service and competitive pricing on all our factory built systems.

Floor Trusses

Our floor trusses are made from Southern Yellow Pine and have received high praise from contractors and builders alike. With proper web design a flat ceiling below the floor trusses can be achieved while inside the truss, ductwork for HVAC and various other types of plumbing and wiring are concealed.

Wall Panels

If you are shopping for wall panels, you have come to the right place. Like all of our components, wall panels are built to your specific project requirements.

At Better Living Components we have taken the time to examine the automated building industry and have invested in state-of-the art equipment and highly trained personnel. The quality which we produce stems from the best technology available in the industry. Our factory is totally equipped to manufacture any size or shape truss and precise wall panels, all under roof. Our Diamand Quad Framer [tm] and pneumatic tools enable precision cutting, fastening and construction far superior to standard equipment. This is why we can guarantee you - accuracy, reliable delivery and faster job site construction.

At Better Living Components we include everything you need to build a better structure in less time and for less money than traditional stick building. When you order from us, you receive a detailed plan and all panels numbered for ease of erection on site.

Budget Your Project with Confidence

Using the latest in state-of-the art software, our design team will transfer your construction plans to our computer allowing us to accurately assess your lumber requirements and catch and correct errors before any materials reach your job site. So you spend far less money on materials and save time on labor.

We Use Only Top Quality Building Materials

Our typical wall panel package includes: 16-inch panel studs with double 2 x 4 top plates, 2 x 10 exterior and interior bearing headers, sheathing of your choice, kitchen cabinet blocking with fire blocking, medicine cabinet rough openings to your specifications, extra fireplace sections, double sills for windows, and optional Tyvek.